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Men's Reverse Tee

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Introducing our Custom Ice Dyed Tie Dye Men's Reverse Tee in Geode pattern! This tee is perfect for the free-spirited man who loves to stand out in a crowd. Created using the ice dye method, Sedona color geodes adorn a 100% cotton Bella+Canvas tee in size XXL. The vibrant colors of Flamingo Fantasy, Truffle Brown, Wisconsin Camo, Raven Black, Eggplant, and Ivory come together to create a stunning geode effect, sure to catch the eye of everyone around.

What makes this tee even more unique is the reverse dye method used to create it. The black shirt was carefully treated, removing some of the black color before adding the new dye to create the perfect balance of dark and light colors. This creates a stunning reversed design that's unlike any other.

Whether heading to a festival or spending time at the beach, this custom ice dyed tee is perfect for any occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Add our Men's Reverse Tee to your wardrobe today and showcase the true hippie spirit within you!