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Women's Large Maxi Skirt

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Looking for a statement piece that will turn heads and showcase your individuality? Look no further than our custom-made ice dyed tie dye Maxi Skirt! This rayon Azules skirt features a stunning scrunch pattern in shades of blues and purples, with pops of white peeking through. 

Constructed using an ice dyeing method, this skirt is truly one of a kind. The scrunch design is created by gathering the fabric into small wrinkles or folds. The dye and ice are then placed over the scrunches, and as the ice melts, the dye is absorbed in different amounts, creating a unique and random pattern in the fabric.

This gorgeous maxi skirt is both comfortable and stylish. So why settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill skirt when you can make a statement with our custom-made ice dyed tie dye Maxi Skirt? Get yours today and showcase your individuality with ease!