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Infant Beanie Hat

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Introducing our amazing custom ice dyed tie dye Infant Beanie Hat, featuring a vibrant Geode design pattern! Hand-dyed using the magnificent ice dyeing method, this hat boasts an amazing mix of rainbow colors on a 100% cotton fabric.

The geode-style tie dye method creates delicate patterns that resemble the beauty of a natural geode, making this hat a unique and precious accessory for your little one. Our infant beanie hat is perfectly crafted for your little fashionista's head, ensuring a great fit to keep them both stylish and comfortable.

If you want your little one's style to be as cool as yours, then you're going to love the ice dyed tie dye Infant Beanie Hat in Geode design! So, dress them up and watch them sparkle! Order yours today and let the cool vibes flow!